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Whether or not we have recently lost loved ones, we all carry a heavy load of grief and stress simply by living in these times. If we can’t find ways to drop some of this emotional burden, we can become hopeless, bitter or numb. Letting it go makes room for a new kind of imagination to enter. But this requires a safe space and a caring community.

This is a special invitation to those who do the good work of the world: care providers, nurses, youth counselors, artists, psychotherapists, environmentalists, substance abuse mentors and social activists. We all know how this world pushes us to the brink of burnout. In the long run, we can’t hold the space for others to heal unless we have our own healing spaces.

We will take a full day to help each other remember our ancestors and our personal and collective losses. It will be a day of mourning and remembrance, but also of great beauty and celebration. There will be poetry, storytelling, drumming, altar building and chanting from African, Celtic, Mexican and other traditions.

$30 in advance:  https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4343645

$50 at the door – Work scholarships are available.

650-327-5493 / www.barryandmayaspector.com