Men’s Work

We feel that both men and women need to ground themselves by doing deep, regular, communal work among people of their own genders. Maya’s women’s circle (originally trained by Reclaiming)  met weekly for 25 years. 

Gualala 2007-leveledI (Barry) have participated in the mythopoetic men’s movement since the 1980s. I’ve been involved with several men’s groups and attended the Mendocino Men’s Conference regularly for twenty years. Currently I’m on the planning committee of the Redwood Men’s Center and help lead our annual men’s conference. Another great annual event is the Minnesota Men’s Conference.

Image5It was in the context of these gatherings (originally led by Robert Bly, James Hillman, Michael Meade, Malidoma Some’, Luis Rodriguez, Jack Kornfield, Robert Johnson and others) that I found my enduring passions for Greek mythology, storytelling, spoken poetry and ritual (and in this death-denying culture – the need for rituals of public grieving).

The Noah Project, begun twenty years ago by Doug Von Koss and now led by Richard Naegle, is a men’s chanting group that meets in Berkeley on Sunday evenings. It’s free and open to all men, regardless of singing experience. 

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